We are a new company on a mission to create the most amazing gifts that are both modern and useful in our everyday lives. Gifts that you are proud to give and would love to receive.

We also want to make gift giving completely effortless simply because we understand how everyday work, kids and life in general takes over and there is literally no time or energy left for finding that perfect gift in stores anymore.

Our vision is to be the preferred place you can go to for gifting, a place that you know will always deliver one of a kind gifts. We are committed to finding the best products, obsessed with finding the best packaging and crazy about styling every box to perfection.


Free delivery to the door

We will carefully wrap it, pack it and send it straight to their door. No rushing to pick-up points, no post office lines, as we deliver straight to their door for free.

*Please note that Free Delivery is available for all major towns in Cyprus.

Simply shop our collection of gifts

Giving Box gift collection is a selection of branded products chosen for their superior quality and exceptional design. Carefully Styled to make sure every gift will be loved and used.

Personal & Thoughtful

We can write your personal message on our luxury gift card, making your gift complete to send to your loved ones.


I remember one November a couple of years ago, when I started thinking about my Christmas gift list, I really wanted to create unique and stylish gifts for my loved ones, well that was the plan anyway!  But as December came by so did the all the Christmas chaos most of us have to deal with.  Decorating, school plays, Christmas bazaars, dinner parties, house parties, work events and the list goes on. 

So as my calendar started to fill up,  my free time began to disappear. I decided to try and order my gifts online.  A local site, I thought, with easy and fast delivery.   

I starting searching online, but there really was nothing that I liked, apart from the usual brown basket arrangements or cardboard packages of unbranded lotions. I wanted to give them a gift that they would love and use. So I decided to do something about it, create my own place for gifts and so Giving Box was created. I started researching products and brands of quality, I was on a continuous hunt for the perfect product and obsessed with packaging.  

Luckily my retail marketing background and persistence of keeping high standards helped me source some amazing products. I am so happy to share our first Newborn Collection of gifts that we have so lovingly put together.  

Such a perfect category to start with since we are still in our own baby steps phase. With our award winning brands, trusted and certified products and luxury packaging, I hope that you also love our gifts as much as we do. I will continue to create and grow our collections so that you can pick out amazing gifts for your loved ones.

Yiota H Gregoriou.


Start gifting today.