Our Sustainability Approach.

Here at Giving Box, we believe that repurposing and reusing items is a great way to both save money and also recycle items.  This reduces the amount of waste and the amount of virgin materials needed to make new items.  So by taking your empty Giving Box and using it again, for something else, you really are doing good for the environment.

6 Ways to REUSE your Giving Box 

So here are some of our ideas for your empty Giving Boxes.  Give it a try!



Simply place your open box inside your drawer or cupboard and then neatly roll up all your scarves into a row, perfect!  Also great for small handbags, purses, belts and socks.



Perfect to store those extra office supplies, tech accessories, note books or those ugly items we just don’t want displayed on our desks.



Whether it’s for their cars, blocks, puzzles, trains or dolls you get the idea. The box is Perfect for keep all the same items together in one place. And easier for the kids to find them too.



For all that paper clutter that piles up every month and until we can safely throw it in the recycle bin, we really don’t want to look at it every single day.  So put away those bills, statements, school letters, timetables, invites, announcements….  Keep them safe and out of sight!



This is my favourite idea and so useful to have on hand around the house.  A compact extra station, to hold all those baby essentials in one place when changing baby, like nappies, creams, baby wipes, tissues etc.  



Great for extra essentials to stock up on and leave under the bathroom sink. All those extra soaps, shampoos, cotton wool etc.